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Staging Your Home

Staging for Successful Selling

Spring is here, a time to freshen up our homes and gardens. If you are considering selling, staging your home is an essential aspect. The objective is to look at your property through the buyer’s eyes, rather than your own. According to the book "Blink", you have three seconds to make an unconscious impression. Your entrance, your living room, your kitchen, etc; all create a feeling that is imparted beyond the facts - rather it is the combination of the home’s finishes, the furnishings, the light and the weather. Modern psychology says that you need three "YES's" for someone to really start considering your home seriously.

Here is how to create YES, which turns into offers and a stronger offer.


The exterior of your property is critical to getting the buyers in the front door. Likewise, a home that is "turn-key" will sell for much more than a home that is perceived as a "fixer-upper.” Fresh paint and stucco repairs are important to maximize your return. Power washing and cleaning the exterior may be all that is needed, which is affordable. Mulching is also an easy way to boost curb appeal. Flower pots and beautiful gardens are wonderful, only if they are established and maintained. Finally, a bench, table and/or chairs are very welcoming, inviting your prospects to come and relax in their beautiful new home.


A home with "light" is the number one thing buyers ask for when they give me their wish list, so give them light in as many ways as you can: clean the windows, keep curtains and shades open, have lights on, and open doors and windows if the weather allows. Consider updating lighting fixtures if your home is older. If you can't afford to upgrade the whole house, consider a "statement" light in a prominent location. Also really look at your wall colors and furniture to see if there are too many dark areas or heavy colors.


Making everything neutral is not Santa Fe! Accent colored walls, colorful pillows or rugs can brighten a room and make it more inviting. New bedspreads and pillows are an affordable cure to freshen beds, as they are large objects that take up visual space. Your home is telling a story, create harmony and consistency with the colors you are using throughout the home. Quality designs flow from one room to the next, with subtle shifts in mood and purpose in each space.


When staging, create the mood of an inviting hotel room. Less is more, you want the buyers to see the house, and not your family’s personal lifestyle and projects. One to three items on any surface is a guideline. If you are downsizing, consider doing it before you put the house on the market. Less furniture makes rooms look and feel larger. Finally, deep clean every corner of your home- closets, walls, cabinets and even the garage and storage units. You will be moving, so do the work ahead of time and your home will be more appealing to buyers.


As with most things, preparation can make all the difference in the world. Having facilitated the sale of many homes, I'm happy to assist you in staging and preparing your home for the market. For larger projects, I can recommend professionals with more refined skills to insure the outcome is superior. It is a pleasure watching the transformation and assisting our clients in achieving their goals.

Please contact me for a complimentary evaluation, if I can assist you, your family or friends.


We so much appreciate all that you have done for us. Thank you for your kindness and for your professionalism. Keep being you. You are a beautiful example.

– Scott & Vanessa

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